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Ambulance Services

Marks Hospital Ground Ambulance Services

When every second counts the Marks Hospital Ground Ambulance Services provide the critical link between physicians and patients.

Marks Hospital Ground Ambulance Service’s philosophy is to take the hospital to the patient and our state of the art ground ambulances are the means of doing that as quickly as possible to any corner of Bangladesh. It is important to recognize that the Marks Hospital ground ambulances are the starting point of a total system of intensive care (including trauma care) which continues throughout the patients stay in Marks Hospital and beyond.

Facilities of MARKS Hospital Ground Ambulance Services:

24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Ground Ambulance Service: A fleet of total 6 ambulances, which includes state of the art Mercedes Benz Ambulances with all cardiac life support and ICU facilities.

Service Support

  • 1Professional USA-standard housekeeping & cleaning services
  • 224-hours pharmacy services
  • 3Convenient & secured car parking garage
  • 3Full-service cafeteria & snacks cafe
  • 3Computer info access
  • 3USA-standard safety & security system
  • 3Prayer rooms

All hospital services are carried out with the support of the Hospital Information system, especially tailored to meet the requirements of our staff and patients.

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